a simple homebody originated out of a time when things in life were overwhelming. dealing with chronic pain + mental health issues isn’t easy when you’re also a very introverted homebody. but I took (+ still do take!) baby steps in healing. i remembered the first step toward doing what I enjoyed started with making my bed when i couldn’t get out of it…to then opening the box of a sewing machine when i wanted to learn how to sew. i kept going. eventually each simple step became a goal + every little step achieved grew into something bigger.

from my very first scrunchie made out of scrap fabric that jumpstarted this journey in 2021 to now getting to do what i love (which is curating eco-friendly + sustainable home goods + accessories), this is a reminder that we are all works in progress. but everything starts with that first step: keep it simple!

thank YOU for being here!

i truly appreciate YOU!

🤍 julie xo